Safety (including for Covid 19), what to bring, and lunch information

We have delayed the Cleanup this year to now when the Covid 19 risk has lessened. However, we still have to observe precautions for that and the later date means we may have very hot weather and/or rain. On the other hand, we may have beautiful weather and there will be time after the noon program to relax and go on a tour of the new Pelican Harbor Seabird Station site nearby.

For sun and heat bring a water bottle and sunburn protection. To minimize plastic waste please bring your own water bottle full. We will have a safe drinking water tank for refills.
Lunch will be provided but it will not be so elaborate and shared as with many cleanups before. Lunch will be a sandwich and another tasty item prepackaged for distribution in a small paper bag to be placed in a trash can after.

The Cleanup always involves contact with river water and trash which are potentially contaminated. Disposable gloves and disinfectant wipes or spray will be provided and hand washing will be required (a station will be set up for that next to the porta-potty).

Please follow water safety instructions for going out on the river. Kayaks and other watercraft will be launched in groups so we can make sure all get in the water easily and safely. If you bring your own watercraft bring your own life preservers.

Covid 19 Precautions:
Risk should be minimal given that the cleanup is an outdoor event and the sanitation measures described above are always followed. However, our local area around the Cleanup site has many people who are still at high risk due to factors such as health conditions, limited access to health care, and work situations. Thus regardless of current vaccination status, in gatherings outside our own household group, we try to maintain precautions of social distancing and mask-wearing. This will be our expectation for all at the Cleanup event (except for within household or family groups sitting or working separately).

If the weather looks to be good we encourage you to bring your own picnic box for your group.

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